Whether you’re looking to purchase a new wardrobe or create outfits with what you already own, Caitlin has a service to help you achieve your best sense of style.


Crunched for time, but need a wardrobe update? Caitlin will pre-select items from your favorite stores and deliver them directly to you at home. During your fitting Caitlin will go through the new items that she has pulled for you to discuss the style and fit of each piece. She will also help you mix and match these new pieces to create a variety of outfits.


The perfect service for someone who has a closet of great pieces, but needs help piecing everything together to create a full look. Caitlin will photograph and style head to toe outfits using pieces that are already in your closet. All of your outfits will be saved on your phone so you’ll be able to get dressed quicker than ever!


If you’re an overpacker, this service was made for you! Caitlin will photograph and style head to toe outfits for each day of your vacation or business trip.


Caitlin will go through your wardrobe with you and help you decide which pieces to keep or get rid of. During this appointment she will also create a list of what your wardrobe is missing, so you know exactly what you need to buy on your next shopping trip.

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