For the past few years I've noticed that I just kept buying clothes, finding space for them in my closet and would just forget about them. I got lazier and lazier to put clothes away and just kept buying things that I could maybe see myself wearing one day but never really did. I was watching a reality show one day and noticed how organized and well put together their closet was. I wanted that. I got on yelp and looked for an organizer near my area. Caitlin came and looked and my closet and told me it wasn't as bad as I thought it was and that she would help me get my stuff together. We went through my clothes "what fit, what didn't fit, what was my style, what wasn't etc." In the end, Caitlin has made my closet the most organized I had ever seen it and put things I would actually wear and not just take up my space. I ended up with 2 full trash bags that I was able to donate and a "what felt like" new closet that I now love to look through. Thank you Caitlin!!


Not only does Caitlin have amazing organization skills, she also set me up on my own personal shopping guide. It was filled with items I love but would never have found on my own. So easy to use...just click and order! Thank you Caitlin, I'm loving all my new looks


Caitlin is fabulous at what she does! She organized my closet. And my closet is pretty small, so she had to get creative. It looks great now! From there, she put together a look book for me! Online, and I'll be getting a hard copy. She used my EXISTING wardrobe, and came up with such nice outfits!! If you want your closet organized, then outfits laid out for you, then she's your girl. She's so nice and pleasant. I'm really happy!!


Completed a major closet transformation this weekend that got rid of decades of outdated, unused items I never wore that cluttered my closet and sucked up so much time getting ready every day. In a multi-day process, @caitlin_jaymes did a closet cleanout, edit, and organization for me! My fave part was going shopping to update my wardrobe with a mix of high-low quality staples and shoes that will last me a long time (and discovering I went down a few sizes )! Thank you to my trusted closet organizer, personal shopper/stylist and friend for saving me so much time and giving me more joy and clarity! Caitlin is truly gifted at what she does and made the whole process easy, seamless and fun! So glad I found Caitlin and invested in some self-care by doing a closet organization/rehaul! So worth it!


Caitlin was awesome to work with. She was really professional but at the same time very personable and friendly. I felt like I was talking to an old friend while cleaning out my closets! She's taken so much stress off of trying to figure out what to wear every day. I absolutely love what she did. Everything is so organized and coordinated and she gave me a few great styling tips. I would definitely recommend her work to others.


I had been in a fashion rut past and felt like I had nothing nice in my wardrobe to wear.  When I went shopping, I would gravitate toward the same basic pieces that were already in my wardrobe.  

After hearing from a friend that there are stylists who can help you organize your closet, I did a search on Yelp and found Caitlin.  I am so thankful!

During our closet clean out session, Caitlin decluttered my closet, organized it, and even purchased the perfect storage containers.  After our appointment, she sent a list of items that she thought I was missing and would fit my lifestyle/preferences/figure.  

Caitlin was professional, efficient, thoughtful, and gave personalized style tips in such a kind way.  I'm so happy with the way my closet turned out!  I hope to work with her again.


When I came across Caitlin - I was very sceptical. Especially as a guy who dresses pretty basic and not one to delve and explore into fashion but after seeing a video - I thought i'd reach out and take a dive for a shopping guide.

What can I say - our initial call was great, Caitlin's super nice and lovely and really puts you at ease and helps guide you to where you want this guide to be.

Throughout the process she pushed for open dialogue, send across any inspo's etc. 

The next day I got a shopping guide which I was insanely impressed with!!! A couple styles upskilled from my usual style but a couple pieces outside of my comfort zone which I loved! I showed my best friend the guide who I quote said, "She's nailed your style!!". 

Seeing as I was from England - had a few hiccups in regards to payment but I never felt with Caitlin that I was troubling her and once we did get that sorted she was still happy to discuss a bit about the guide itself.

Just overall a great customer experience and Caitlin comes across as kind and great and someone who truly values the customer journey and putting them first.


Caitlin was awesome to work with! We totally connected on our love for fashion as an art. She is personable, has a great work ethic, and is a great communicator. Now I just need to move to LA. :) Will definitely be reaching out to her again in the future! Thanks, girl!


It was such a pleasure to work with Caitlin. Her approach is to work with each client as an individual. I felt so supported by Caitlin in terms of my style and my needs. She doesn't have an agenda besides helping you have the experience you want, whether that's with closet organization, getting rid of clothing that is outdated or unflattering, or helping figure out what items to add to your wardrobe to fill in some gaps. Caitlin is professional and she knows her stuff! I'm excited to get dressed in the morning after working with Caitlin and have already purchased a few things to add to my wardrobe based on her recommendations. I would highly recommend Caitlin to anyone looking for a little help with styling or organizing. It's a gift to yourself and it's money well spent! I'm a very happy customer! :)


It's an eye-opening and valuable experience when meeting a professional who has the knowledge and expertise to guide you on what you don't know. Although I was hesitant at first to have someone assist me with my closet organization and wardrobe pieces, I am so thrilled and appreciative of the help I got from Caitlin Jaymes. I certainly got so much more than I bargained for when I was looking for some Spring Cleaning organization and personal styling. It was almost like meeting the perfect combination of Marie Kondo with Rachel Zoe, because she truly knows the best methods for helping you stay organized and what will make you look and feel your best. Her knowledge, experience, warmth, honesty, and positivity will instantly put you at ease while adapting to better ideas and processes that can better serve you. I was amazed that there was no zipper or button left undone and the environment of my room fully transformed. I am thrilled to have Caitlin as a resource in Los Angeles!


I'm the type of guy who will do a mass purchase 2-3 times a year. I stumbled upon Caitlin from a friend who recommended her. Personally, I didn't believe in hiring somebody to organize and design my closet, let alone need a personal designer. However, I discovered so many different ways to put outfits together that I would have never thought of. The best part was that Caitlin even packed for me for my trip to Vegas recently - I didn't even have to think twice! Highly recommend using Caitlin Jaymes is an understatement.


All I can say is thank you Caitlin for helping me SAVE money and time by coming to help me clean out my closet and organize outfits. Caitlin has such an eye for fashion and makes a tedious process seem so fun. My boyfriend was home while she helped me and he got so into it, he booked immediately the next day! :)

There is nobody more organized, kind, funny, and high-spirited than Caitlin - run, don't walk to make your appointment with her!!!!


There are not enough wonderful things that I can say about Caitlin.  I hired her to give my wardrobe an overhaul and she so very quickly figured out my style.  She brought me things that I love and she also pushed me to try things that I would have never picked out myself.  And never fail, THOSE are the pieces that I get the most compliments on! 

She knows how to dress for your body type, line of work and your casual wear.  But here is where she really just took me to a level that I knew that I would never work with anyone else.  I had a multi-city European 10 day work trip that I was taking and she came over and packed me for the trip! I don't mean just pulling out clothes.  She looked at the weather of each city, asked for my work schedule each day, checked to see if I had a dinner/event at the end each day as well.  She then put together a LOOK BOOK / WARDROBE ITINERARY for each day.  She even gave me traveling outfits and alternative outfits! I received repeated compliments on my outfits.  I now ask her to pack me for every trip I go on.  Taking that off my plate, has helped me to just enjoy the trip and focus on the business of that trip.

And it's not just her skillset and professionalism that are top notch, her personality is so fun, kind and sweet.  She is a pleasure to just talk to.  As she's packing me, we just end up having the best girl talk conversations.  She's a great listener and what I've come to realize that the more she talks to you, listens to you, the better she understands your style as a person. She truly is a gem that you should definitely hire!


I wore a couple of the outfit combinations she gave me and got compliments on each of them! Iā€™m so excited about building my closet! 


Caitlin is a godsend!!! Since my closet is organized, it's saved me so much time and energy in the mornings. She was so accommodating and supportive. I can't wait to work with her again.


So I attempted to dress myself this morning. My boyfriend, who wears scrubs for a living and pays zero attention to fashion looks at me, half awake and says "that's not a Caitlin outfit, is it?" šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

You've set the standard.


Caitlin is a gem! She really listens to her clients' needs and has fantastic taste. She created an online shopping guide for me that was incredibly helpful and perfectly suited my needs. I will definitely be utilizing her services again.


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